Conservation at Big Cypress Lodge in Memphis

Protecting Our Natural Resources

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Created by Johnny Morris, founder and CEO of Bass Pro Shops, Big Cypress Lodge was designed to bring the outdoors in and reconnect people with their love for nature. Igniting a passion for the outdoors is a company-wide goal; however, that mission goes far beyond creating a unique retail and overnight experience. Bass Pro Shops is a company that invests in efforts to conserve our natural resources. From wildlife conservation to introducing young people to the outdoors, Bass Pro Shops is supporting the conservation community at national and local levels.

Johnny Morris has made giving back to conservation a hallmark of the company since he first began selling fishing tackle in the back of his dad’s liquor store in 1971. Over the course of several decades, Johnny has dedicated himself to inspiring people, especially youth and families, to love, enjoy and conserve the great outdoors.

 “The people of our company believe very strongly that the future of our industry, the sports we serve, and the sports we personally enjoy are absolutely more dependent upon our conservation efforts or how we manage our natural resources than anything else.”  “It is far more important than any catalog we mail, any new store we open, or any new products our vendors create.”  -Johnny Morris

Bass Pro Shops supports the efforts of nonprofit conservation organizations. Some of those partners include the National Wild Turkey Federation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Quality Deer Management Association.

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“We all live downstream”

 …Johnny Morris